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UNICON News : Frontflip on Unicycle
Written by Carl Hoyer   
Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It looks like what many thought was impossible has now been done ... landing a front flip on a unicycle.

Adrien Delacroix managed to land, although, not perfectly clean a front flip while competing in the street comp preliminaries. The whole thing was caught on video. Here's hoping that he's made it on to the next round so that he can land it cleanly next time around.

UNICON News : New 10km World Record
Written by Carl Hoyer   
Monday, 28 July 2008

UNICON XIV Logo UNICON (The World Championships of Unicycling) started only a few days ago and already we have a new world record. Chuck Edwall from the USA finished first in the 10km unlimited race with a time of 20:01.40 (that's almost 30km/h on a unicycle). He was riding the new KH36 with a Schlumpf geared hub. Beau Hoover, also from the USA placed second almost 1:30 behind Chuck with a time of 21:33.10.

Congratulations riders! 

More details about the 10km results and other UNICON news can be found at eenwiel.nl

Ride the Lobster: Event Summary
Written by Carl Hoyer   
Monday, 23 June 2008

Team AtlasThe 2008 Ride the Lobster 800km unicycle race is now over and the unanimous sentiment from all involved was that it was a huge success and a wonderful event. The local communities throughout Nova Scotia were extremely supportive and the event couldn't have been done without their involvement and deadication.

Through rain, cold weather at times and some pain everyone completed the race.

The German Speeders took first place with an impressive show of speed on geared 36" unicycles. The team from New Zealand took second and Texacali, the team from Texas and California, came in third. 

All Toronto rider's finished the event, a feat in its self, in good spirit. Congratulations to all riders including Toronto's Jeff Groves, Roman Allemann, Mike Thaler, Jason Allemann, Emily McCormick, Josh McCormick, Russell Davis and Eric Moncrieff.

Not to be forgotten is Darren Bedford who fixed numerous mechanical problems throughout the five day event. 

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